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October, 2019

Living and Giving

Full Circle Earth Rolls Out a New Motto

Save the Soil, Save the Planet

Full Circle Earth believes in the right of all people to have access to a healthy and safe community and experience the positive benefits of an Organic Land Care (OLC) approach to our land, yards, and public spaces. 

At the heart of OLC is the understanding that soil is alive and teaming with millions upon millions of microorganisms, all contained within the Soil Food Web. By choosing to feed the soil (and by extension the plants) through the adoption of the Organic Land Care Practices and Standards put forth by NOFA (Northeast Organic Gardening Association), one can still achieve a green lawn (if that is desired), all without the use of any harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It’s a true win win, and should be an easy choice for everyone. 

We all deserve access to clean air, clean drinkable water, healthy soil, and nutrient rich foods. We can only protect these vital resources if we all come together as a whole and choose to move away from the dangerous use of  pesticides.  Instead, we will be choosing life for the pollinators (bees, hummingbirds, bats, butterflies, etc.), choosing life for our children, choosing life for the earth, and choosing for us all to live in harmony for many future generations. Best of all, the choice starts with how you care for your property and voicing support for your city or town to adopt an OLC approach.  We look forward to working with you towards this goal. 


Beverly Walking Group

Join Us for a guided walk at Long Hill Reservation in Beverly, MA.  Our final three walks of the year will take place on the 1st Saturday of each month (5-Oct-2019 | 2-Nov-2019 | 7-Dec-2019) from 10am-12pm.

Beginning in January, 2020, our Walking Group will meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 

For more information visit our website:


FCE Recognized as a

FCE founder Jimi Carnazza accepts award from Salem State University President John Keenan and Dr. Joseph Buttner during the Civic Engagement Hall of Fame Awards
In May 2019, Jimi Carnazza of FCE attended a Salem State University Hall Of Fame event where long time partner Dr. Joseph Buttner was honored for his many years of dedication to community service, and working above and beyond. FCE was chosen by Dr. Joe as his community partner whom he and SSU wanted to recognize. FCE is honored and humbled to be given this recognition and a generous donation of $250 which will go towards helping fund a TerraCorps full-time position for a year. We are even more energized to utilize the power of civic engagement to achieve success within our mission, and we are very lucky to have such enormous resources as SSU and professors like Dr. Joe who make our projects and overall mission achievable.
FCE’s Environmental Education Greenhouse Update

It is truly amazing how fast nature works and the rate of change we all can observe during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. 

We've had a very productive year so far.  In February we began sowing seeds of oregano, thyme, anise, hyssop, basil, and our own FCE lettuce, both for our operations (aquaponics and gardens) as well as to generate some income. We also finished the task of fixing our 250 gallon fish tank and installing a blue fish tank wall.  We have hosted a variety of community educational programs including two Local Edible and Medicinal Plant Walks with Iris Weaver, M.A., Shamanic Herbalist, Foraging Instructor. 

Of course there remain many projects we would like to complete at the community greenhouse and hope to do so this year with your help! Saturday mornings, we can often be found working at greenhouse, caring for the aquaponic systems, brewing nutrient rich compost tea for our organic land care projects, and propagating native plantings. 

As we finish out the year, our most immediate projects include preparing and planting the garden area adjacent to greenhouse and getting ready for the winter.  We are also busy working on our five-year plan which will consist of a variety of projects, including Community Cob Building Day (making cob, a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water, by using our bare feet) to build a pizza/bread oven and cob planters and benches. along with a much needed upgrade to our solar panel array system.  We expect to hold a community informational meeting so that we can share our plan and get input and feedback.

Please feel free to visit any time to check out the greenhouse.  You may reach out to us through our website or Facebook if you would like to schedule a personalized tour or to lend a hand. 
Meet Katie Adee

Katie is our TerraCorps Member who joined our team on September 6th of this year.  A recent graduate from St. Lawrence University, Katie received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, and pursued a double minor in African Studies and Peace Studies. Throughout her studies she focused primarily on environmental justice advocacy. She is excited to incorporate the skills and experiences she has gained through her work with community-based organizations to promote environmental stewardship and community empowerment!
Great News!  We hope you saw our email about the GoFundMe Campaign to benefit Full Circle Earth.  The great news is that have raised over $3,000 in Sept. so we were able to take full advantage of the $3,000 match we had from a donor.  Unfortunately, we are still a bit short of our $3,500 goal which will allow us to purchase a computer and supplies for our TerraCorps Member.  So if you would like to donate, there is still time...  

Boardmember Jeff Buderer’s Ebay Store EcoLiving Solutions Donates 10% of Proceeds

Founding Board member Jeff Buderer has been selling items on eBay for several years now.  Jeff's online store known as EcoLiving Solutions specializes in sustainable practices by going through the piles and boxes of things that people have stuffed away or put in closets.  By cleaning, refurbishing and repairing these items, things that would normally go to landfill are brought back to life for use by another generation.  EcoLiving Solutions also is a  modest wood crafting business in which ornamental bowls, furniture, crosses and utensils are made.

After inheriting his father's estate, Jeff generously decided to designate FCE as the recipient of PayPal’s Charitable Giving Program.  Through this program, approximately 10% of gross sales receipts from his eBay EcoLiving Solutions sales go to FCE.  Last year in addition to the purchase of FCE’s office desktop (valued at approximately 100 dollars), Jeff donated over 500 dollars to FCE.

Please note that anyone using PayPal or Ebay can make a donation to FCE when buying or selling an item. When selling an item, simply add FCE in the field where you can donate a portion of your sales. When buying something on Paypal or Ebay you will notice that there is an option to add a donation to the charity of your choice and that if you put Full Circle Earth into the box it should register as an option at check out. Also, remember to select Full Circle Earth when shopping on Amazon through smile.amazon.com.  Finally, feel free to support FCE by visiting EcoLiving Solutions on Facebook and Ebay.

FCE Wishlist

Of course not everyone can make a cash donation, so we do have a wish list of items that we need, including: a pick-up truck; a van to transport volunteers and vocational training participants; a 250-gallon rig sprayer & trailer; bungee cords; garden equipment including, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrow; office supplies including recycled printer paper, ink for an HP PhotoSmart 7960 printer, dry erase markers and eraser, stamps, envelops.

We have recently received the following donations:  a shredder; office cleaning supplies, a binder to build a portfolio, page protectors, name tag holders, and a wheeling crate and storage boxes to hold our materials for events.  

Thank you on behalf of the Full Circle Earth Team.

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