Board of Directors

James Carnazza - Founder & President of FCE. James is an alumna of Salem State with an education in sociology, social work, and organic land care; and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling through Umass Boston. Inspired by the natural wonders of nature, the great urgency to create a better world for his new born son, and the need to integrate environmental sustainability with students and adults of all abilities, James founded FCE in 2012. James has experiences in several key areas relevant to FCE including life skills and vocational training, permaculture gardening, organic land care, topics in aquaculture, and music. James is certified in Organic Land Care by the Northeast Organic Farming Association. Currently, he works within the Ipswich High School as a Special Education Teacher in the post-graduate program. He met Jeff while completing a work study program at Arcosanti in 2009 and joined forces with Estelle Rand(founding board member) in 2011 to provide composting and education resources at the Beverly Farmers Market! He currently lives in Beverly, MA with his wife Bonnie and their son Paul who is 3 years old!

Jeff Buderer - FCE Board-member, Strategy Planning and Website Development. Jeff received his degree in Political Science. As an advocate for sustainability, he has focused on the role of appropriate technology in promoting more ecologically and socially sustainable economic development. His defining experience was at Arcosanti in highlighting an alternative approach to sustainability focusing on a compact urban city design called Arcology. He also worked with a non-profit focused on how information technologies can promote more sustainable development in non-affluent regions of the world.

Kevin Beckwith-FCE Board-member, Economics and Sustainability Professor at Salem State University, and avid adventurer. Kevin provides much needed support and a "can do" attitude to ensure FCE continues to progress and achieve its mission. 



Estelle Rand- Founding Full Circle Earth Board Member and served for over 3 years on the FCE Board. Estelle is the founder of the Beverly Farmers Market, and is a dedicated citizen who believes in supporting communities achieve greater health. She continues to offer insight and support to the FCE mission. 

Landi Morris- Certified Personal Accountant and Bentley Alumni, Landi served on FCE Board for 2+ years and supported FCE in obtaining its 501 c 3 tax exempt status. She continues to be open to offering insight and advice for the development of FCE. 

Molly Benson- BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) is a local community advocate whom connected with FCE with a shared passion in connecting sustainable environmental opportunities to students within special education and beyond. Molly has graciously offered her expertise in the field of special education to FCE in developing an empowering Earth Skills Vocational Training Program. 

Earth Teachers/Mentors

Bonnie Carnazza-Certified Elementary Education Teacher with a belief in the Waldorf philosophy, and holistic mom whom enjoys the natural wonders of the world. Creates a supportive environment and provides one to one and group mentoring/teaching/earth skills job training through hands on experiential learning. 

Reia Bustolin-10+ years experienced permaculture gardener/farmer/landscaper and community advocate. Works directly with the earth and people to achieve a natural balance of health and wellness. Creates a supportive environment and provides one to one and group mentoring/teaching/earth skills job training through hands on experiential learning.