North Shore aquaponics

A Community Collaborative sparked by a joint effort in assembling a grant proposal for the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Urban Grant Initiative in 2015; a unified effort with Salem State Marine Biology Professor Dr. Joe Butner, Lynn, MA Adult Vocational Teacher/Mr. Do it Tony Dunn, key students and others to build, operate, gain insight, and offer training to interested community members. 

Aquaponics is the combination of growing fish (Aquaculture) and plants within an almost closed loop system that is energy efficient and self-sufficient providing sources of protein and nutrients. 


organic gardening, farming, & land care

A community is made up of numerous parts that make a whole; municipalities, towns, business, residential, and others all can do their part to promote a healthy environment while saving costs in the long run. 

A 30 foot worm compost pit & compost tea station are ingredients to an organic and safe community and is part of our efforts to reduce pesticide use! Join the effort!



Earth skills vocational training program

This innovative program had its first collaborative meeting in August 2015 at Endicott College, and look to providing empowering vocational and educational opportunities specifically for people with disabilities who are transitioning into adulthood (18-30~). 

Participation occurs at FCE'S Environmental Education Greenhouse in Beverly and beyond within all local communities creating lasting positive changes for all.