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Annual Long Hill Plant Sale

This is a wonderful event for the community to purchase beautiful native plants from the Trustees of Reservations Long Hill property in Beverly, MA.  Please visit our table to learn more about organic land care, Full Circle Earth, and to purchase compost tea kits!

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12:00 PM12:00

Earth Day Volunteer Day

All are welcome!

Help out by transplanting perennial seedlings from greenhouse into ground, compost-tea brewing techniques, and basic aquaponic system build.   Rain Date: Saturday April 28th.

  1. Team 1 (Compost Tea Station): Establish a functioning 250 gallon Compost Tea Station that will provide an ongoing supply of compost tea to local community and for FCE’s earth skills vocational organic land care program. Tasks to accomplish include sifting compost, filling tank with water, and following compost tea brewing steps.
  2. Team 2 (Outdoor Planting/Gardening): Prepare 10x50’ space adjacent to greenhouse for planting (top dress with compost & rototill), set up drip irrigation, plant flower bulbs/tubers, transplants, herbs.

  3. Team 3 (Aquaponics/Strawberries): Within the greenhouse, replicate hanging strawberries on the opposite side to expand strawberry production. Tasks to accomplish include drilling 3” holes into (2x) 8’ pvc pipes, securing end caps, filling with coconut husks, hanging completed pipes, planting strawberry transplants into pvc pipes, & hooking up to aquaponic system.

Contact us as for more information.

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