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Compost Tea Workshop

FCE & EMARC Colloborate on Springtime Garden Growers Workshop Series

Progress is being made @ FCE!

Check Out Our YouTube Page

FCF uploads its first educational you tube video on Compost Tea! Learn the simple steps of brewing nutrient rich compost tea for your plants that will enrich your soils and enliven your plants.

The Future of FCE?

Full Circle Earth’s Environmental Education Center will educate the public on Sustainable Solutions
Full Circle Earth (FCE) was incorporated in September 2012 as a non-profit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. FCE was formed from the belief that we all have something to share in teaching and learning ways that we can live harmoniously with each other on this earth. The founding members are Jimi Carnazza, Estelle Rand and Jeff Buderer. They share a deep commitment to sustainable living and promote this vision with the larger communities of which they are a part.